Kim Nguyen
Environmental Feng Shui Consulting


Home Consultation

•  Selecting a lot on which to build: This is the best time to design a home based on Traditional Feng Shui, providing suggestions for the most important factors such as: determining the best position of the home on the lot, where to place doors, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study room, and home office. Feng Shui is used to select the best move-in date.

•  Selecting a new home in a new development: An evaluation provides information of the home's Feng Shui and helps decide if it should be purchased or not. Often a new development consists of several models. Feng Shui is used to select the best floor layout and the most appropriate lot for all members of the family. A badly chosen home costs time and money to fix.

•  Evaluation of an existing home: The Traditional Feng Shui consultant asks pertinent questions about an existing home, helping to improve health, wealth, and relationship issues. Clients are expected to:

  • Arrange for a visit to the site. Provide move-in date and/or renovations to a home. Provide birth dates of the occupants.
  • Accurate, to-scale floor plan or an architectural plan of the property, essential to receive proper benefits for home or business.

The land formation is assessed, external objects such as buildings, roads, streets, trees, water, lakes, natural or man-made objects surrounding the property are carefully measured. Inside the home, the foundation, shapes, colors, entrance, doors, windows, kitchen location, stove, and bedrooms are assessed. Based on the result of the audit, a Traditional Feng Shui Consultant will advise how to improve the home and promote harmony. Feng Shui benefits are:

  • The best directions for health, wealth, and relationship for all members. The best direction and location for bedrooms. The best direction and location of the kitchen stove. Set up the best location of the desk for a home office. Set up the best location for the computer in a study room .
  • Remedy or enhance certain area if needed.

Business Consultation:

  • Selecting land to be developed: It is the best time to check the site/land for the business to be built. Determine the type of business, factory, office, hotel, condominium, retail store, or restaurant, most favorable giving the lot size and orientation.
  • Selecting an existing building: Measure the building, land formation, and outside environment, and advise whether the building should be leased or purchased, and what type of business is optimum.
  • Selecting existing business : Evaluation of the business to maximize energy flow. The following are the main areas evaluated:
    • External land form surrounding the business Location of parkingLocation of elevators Location of all personnel, Location of doors, windows Location of the receptionist Internal: design, desk, computer layout in each room.
    • Location of the owner's business or company, corporate office.

Clients are expected to provide: •  Accurate, to-scale floor plan or an architectural plan. It is very helpful to have the floor plan showing existing furniture, labeling the employee's job descriptions and their location in each room. •  Birth dates of the head of the department (director, manager). Services provided for the following businesses:

  • Restaurants, retail stores, real estate offices, investment property selection, office building, restaurant design, building site selection: retail, investment, and private commercial and industrial.
  • Remodel an existing business.

Feng Shui design for large-scale projects:

  • Shopping malls, hotel and condominiums, large housing projects, corporate headquarters, financial centers, commercial and industrial lots.
  • City hall, new city, town planning.
  • Airport design and modification. Article on Kim's involvement in airport redesign.

Feng Shui services offer:

  • Maximum productivity, harmony within the business, company and happier employees. Accuracy, affording clients the best design: suggestions, improvements, and solutions. Analysis of office and business, maximizing functionality of each room in the office space. Increase potential income and improve chances of promotion. Speed sales of home and business. Fill property rental vacancies faster. Enhance retail business floor plan to increase product sales. Enhance efficiency and workplace harmony. Enhancing, arranging, and balancing a home to improve a family's health, career, and relationship.
  • Helping businesses achieve the goals of income, health and harmony.

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