Kim Nguyen
Environmental Feng Shui Consulting


Kim Nguyen's Bio

Kim Nguyen is a Traditional Feng Shui Consultant, a dedicated expert specializing in all aspects of traditional feng shui.

Kim strongly embraces the green concept and supports eco-friendly practices such as the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Green Building Rating Systems. Kim has handled varied projects and travels throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Her unique approach results in the highest standard of Feng Shui, manifesting itself in higher profits, increased productivity, and improved personal well-being.
Kim worked in corporate finance for 10 years before discovering her true passion in Feng Shui in 1991. She started out by performing feng shui on her own office in the headquarters where she worked, then handled the feng shui design for the CEO and President’s office.

Her analysis and recommended changes in architectural blueprints coupled with good results led to deeper study into the ancient wisdom and metaphysical art that is feng shui. She was taught by Master Shyan Tseng, learning how the knowledge based on centuries of observing natural and man-made environments affects the health and fortunes of people and businesses.
Kim Nguyen lives in southern California and is available for consultation and presentations worldwide.  As a practicing Environmental Feng Shui Consultant, her services range from private homes and small businesses, working with architects, interior designers, developers, investors, up to and including corporations. Kim is a member of the Home Improvement Contractors Council ( and a member of the Hong Kong Association of Southern California (

Contact her in California at 760 815 4200 or email at